Ian Mackins

Ian Mackins is a passionate and client-focused civil litigator who has a broad range of experience in healthcare law. Ian has become an advocate for elder and dependent adults who have been abused or neglected in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and adult residential facilities. Ian works vigorously for his clients to ensure that they have access to justice and fair treatment in the judicial courts.

Ian is adept at resolving long term-care regulatory compliance issues involving acute care hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, as well as negligence and quality control issues related to pharmaceutical regulatory compliance. Aside from healthcare litigation experience, Ian also has experience in personal injury law and labor and employment law.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ian attended California State University Long Beach where he earned degrees in finance and economics. Ian received his law degree from Western State College of Law in Orange County, California. Thereafter, Ian attended the Academy of Justice trial training program in Los Angeles, California. After conducting nine jury trials within his first year as a lawyer, Ian decided to pursue a career in civil litigation, which is where Ian also became an integral part of successful trial verdicts and settlements.

Ian continues to advocate for elders, dependent adults, and the families of those affected by neglect, abuse, negligence, violation of various healthcare regulations, and wrongful death. Ian is committed to his client’s legal interests and promoting a more transparent and accountable healthcare system.

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