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Have You Been Injured in an Accident as a Rideshare Passenger in California?

Accidents happen – even in the seeming safety of an Uber or Lyft. Whether you were heading home from a night out or on your way to the airport, an Uber accident can turn your life upside down in an instant.

What to do after an Uber accident in California

If you’re involved in a rideshare accident in California as a passenger, driver, or another motorist, there are several steps you should take to protect your rights:

Check to see if you or anyone else involved in the accident is injured. If so, call 911 immediately to get medical attention. Even if the injuries seem minor, it’s important to get checked out by medical professionals, as some injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Report the accident to the police, regardless of the severity. A police report can serve as an important piece of evidence when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Collect as much information as possible. This includes the rideshare driver’s name and contact details, insurance information, and the license plate number of all vehicles involved. Also, collect contact details from any witnesses. Take note of the exact location, time, and weather conditions.

Take pictures or videos of the accident scene, showing vehicle damage, road conditions, traffic signs, and any injuries you sustained. These can serve as crucial evidence later on.

Report the accident to the rideshare company (Uber, Lyft, etc.) through their app or website. They need to know about the incident to activate their insurance coverage.

Even if you don’t feel hurt immediately after the accident, it’s essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries, like whiplash or concussions, may not show symptoms immediately. Prompt medical attention also helps create a record linking your injuries to the accident.

Keep all records related to the accident and your injuries. This includes medical bills, proof of lost wages, receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses, and any communications with the rideshare company or insurance providers.

Before accepting any settlement from the rideshare company or insurance providers, it’s wise to consult with a lawyer experienced in rideshare accidents such as the team at Stalwart Law. They can help you understand your rights, guide you through the claims process, and ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Remember, each case is unique, and this advice may not fit every situation. Therefore, you should consult with a legal professional to get advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

What type of damages can you claim for an Uber accident in California

If you’re involved in an Uber accident in California, you may be entitled to claim several types of damages, depending on the specifics of your case and the extent of your injuries. These can be broadly classified into two categories: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages:

These are tangible, out-of-pocket expenses that can be easily quantified. They include:

Medical Expenses: This includes the cost of emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and any future medical expenses related to the accident.

Lost Wages: If you had to miss work due to your injuries, you can claim compensation for the wages you lost during that time. This also includes loss of earning capacity if you’re unable to work or earn at the same level as before the accident.

Property Damage: If any of your personal property was damaged in the accident (like a phone or laptop), or if your vehicle was damaged, you can claim the cost of repair or replacement.

Non-Economic Damages:

These are intangible losses that don’t have a specific dollar amount but significantly impact your life. They include:

Pain and Suffering: This compensation is for the physical pain and emotional distress you’ve experienced as a result of the accident and your injuries.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life: If your injuries prevent you from enjoying daily activities or hobbies, you could be entitled to compensation.

Emotional Distress: Serious accidents can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues. You can be compensated for these mental and emotional traumas.

Disfigurement or Permanent Disability: If the accident results in permanent disfigurement or disability, you can claim damages for the significant impact on your life.


How Stalwart Law can help you win an Uber accident claim

At Stalwart Law, we have a deep understanding of California’s intricate rideshare laws, coupled with a proven track record of successful claims. Our experienced attorneys have secured millions in damages for our clients, ensuring they receive fair compensation for medical bills, loss of earnings, pain, and suffering.

Uber’s insurance policies can be complex, but our legal team knows how to cut through the red tape. We can determine who’s responsible—whether it’s Uber, the Uber driver, or another third party—and take immediate action.

* The articles provided on the Stalwart Law website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used as professional legal advice or as a substitute for legal consultation with a qualified attorney.  

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