The Life Cycle of a Typical Employment Case

The Life Cycle of a Typical Employment Case, generally begins with making a personnel file request under the labour code.

In California every employee is entitled to be able to see their employment file and their pay records.

Once a competent attorney sees and reads that file and works closely with you, they should be able to draft a complaint, based on what happened and what you went through.

That complaint gets filed in court and served on the defendant, and that begins the discovery process.

The discovery process is the exchange of information that happens in litigation and this is known most commonly as the exchange of documents and information, and the taking of depositions.

Depositions are under oath question and answer sessions in which lawyers can get information about the evidence in a case.

Many cases resolve but some go to trial.

At the conclusion of the discovery process, you empanel a jury and you tell your clients story and ask them what the facts were in the case.

And if you’ve got a good attorney, telling your story and putting on compelling evidence, if you’ve been wronged in the State Of California, there’s a chance that you can get a verdict that will award you compensation for what happend.

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