“What do I wish more people knew about employment law?”

 “Quite a few things”, explains Dylan Ruga, founder of Stalwart Law Group.

Number one, no matter who you are, you have access to justice through the legal system in the State Of California. 

Whether you are a C Suite executive or whether you are a working class person, a physical labourer, no matter what your role or station is you have access to justice in the State Of California if you are being wronged or your company is breaking the law.

I also wish that more people knew that citizenship status should not make people afraid to speak out in their workplace, nor to come forward and hire a workplace attorney to be able to take a case on your behalf.

People that don’t have citizenship or residency status are still protected in the State Of California, that information is generally inadmissible in the trial process and is not taken into consideration.

So no matter what your status is, resident, citizen, executive, labourer if you believe you are being wronged you should consult with a specialised California employment law attorney.


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