The Difference Between an Angry Boss vs. A Boss That’s Breaking the Law

A distinction that often comes up in employment law is the difference between a boss that’s a jerk and a boss that’s breaking the law. 

I often talk to people that are unhappy with the relationship that they might have with their manager or their supervisor.

That person might treat them unfairly or might not like them or be jealous of them, or something of that nature.

But what we look for as employment lawyers is a connection between the mistreatment that people experience in the workplace and a violation of the law.

Meaning, that your employer is not just mistreating you because they don’t like you because they’re rude.

Their mistreating you because you spoke out about a violation of the law, because of a category of who you are, meaning, they are mistreating you with discriminatory intent, because of your race, because of your age, because your gender.

Or for example because you have medical work restrictions.

 That would be disability discrimination.

In employment law its critical to establish, why someone is mistreating you. And even if you have a boss that’s a jerk, we’re gonna look for facts that support a cause of action for violation of law.

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