How to Know If My Case is Worth bringing to a Lawyer

When people ask me, how do I know if my case is worth anything,

Well, in The State of California if you are wronged at work, meaning if your employer violates the labour code, when they violate the fair employment and housing act, you’re entitled to a couple of different remedies.

Your entitled to any lost wages

If your terminated for an illegal reason and your unable to find comparable work

For any period where your not paid or your paid less, your entitled to those lost wages

You are also entitled to your emotional distress damages, even if your, your economic losses are limited 

If what you went through causes you stress, anxiety and humiliation, that’s compensable under California law

And finally as one of the incentives to bring these cases

one of the gestures that California made to protect consumers and employees in the workplace, is that if you are able to prove a violation of the fair employment and housing act or the labour code, you could be entitled to your attorneys fees for bringing a case

Even if you are only able to establish one dollar in damages, if you establish liability under those causes of action and some others in California

You are entitled to your attorneys fees as well, which is very helpful in bringing these cases.


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